In these three videos, we examine the health effects of the major licit drugs: Alcohol, Nicotine & Tobacco and the Hypnosedatives. Together these drugs make major contributions to the burden of disease associated with problematic substance use. For each drug class we examine the major forms that these drugs take, and how they are consumed. Each lecture will also cover topics such as withdrawal syndromes, the toxicity of these substances, mortality, their effects upon each of the major organ systems, as well as mental health. 


Nicotine and Tobacco


‘Drugs and the Body’ is a nine-part video series being released in 2023 by NDARC featuring Professor Shane Darke. The video series will be covering material found in the following books The Clinician‘s Guide to Illicit Drugs and Health  and The Pocket Guide to Drugs and Health, Co-Authored by NDARC’s Director, Professor Michael Farrell, Professor Shane Darke, and Associate Professor Julia Lappin.