This notable achievement recognizes Dr. Zhuo's significant efforts and contributions in his academic career thus far, including his work during his 3.5 years as a PhD student and 2.5 years as a postdoctoral researcher. 

The position at UWA is a testament to the competitive nature of Dr. Liu's application and the caliber of her research, reflecting not only her individual commitment but also the collective support of the ProMo Group team members.

This news comes on the heels of Dr. Yuting Zhuo's fellowship last month, further underlining the competitiveness and success of our research group, especially within Australia. The achievements of both Dr. Liu and Dr. Zhuo embody the potential of our team members, who continue to excel in securing ARC fellowships, grants, and esteemed academic positions both domestically and internationally.

As we extend our warmest congratulations to Dr. Liu, we also invite all group members to join us in a farewell party scheduled for late June before Dr. Liu leaves for Perth. We are confident that Dr. Liu will make impactful contributions in her new role at UWA, and we look forward to hearing of more successes from her and all our ProMo Group members.