This live panel discussion, hosted by UNSW Medicine & Health, focused on the evolving opportunities and challenges for healthcare across Greater Sydney.

The event was held in the Parramatta Engineering Innovation Hub, which UNSW recently established in partnership with Western Sydney University (WSU). This is one of several projects currently underway with WSU and Western Sydney communities to develop research, education and healthcare initiatives right across the city.

The expert panel, facilitated by award-winning ABC health and science reporter Tegan Taylor, included research, health and community leaders from Greater Sydney:

  • Professor Valsamma Eapen is an academic and child psychiatrist at UNSW Medicine & Health and South Western Sydney Local Health District. Prof. Eapen is an internationally recognised expert in childhood mental health and neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism and Tourette Syndrome.
  • Dr Mike Freelander MP is the Federal Member for Macarthur, an advocate for better healthcare and economic, environmental and infrastructure outcomes for his electorate. Dr Freelander has been a paediatrician in Campbelltown for 37 years and has dedicated his life’s work to making sure local children get the best start in life.
  • Amanda Larkin is the Chief Executive of the South Western Sydney Local Health District. Ms Larkin leads more than 15,000 staff to achieve safe, equitable and quality health care for the growing and diverse population of South Western Sydney.
MedConnect: Greater Sydney health landscape Kenneth Leanfore

The panel explored the complex health challenges and exciting opportunities brought about by the growth and diverse population of Greater Sydney, particularly in Western Sydney. Also discussed was the importance of collaboration and information shared between health services, universities, industry, and government and investment that goes beyond infrastructure, into new technologies, systems, and partnerships that will transform the way we provide healthcare.

An audio recording of the panel discussion is available below: