In partnership with the Asia Optometric Congress (AOC) and collaboration with UNSW School of Optometry and Vision Science (SOVS), 

the UNSW Medicine & Health Short Course Team successfully brought the Evidence-Based Myopia Management short course online to 50 AOC members over 5 countries – including Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, China and Malaysia. 

Most participants ranked the course as “highly” impactful and insightful due to the online course structure, learning materials, evidence-based research, practical tools and techniques for real life application of myopia management. 

The online self-paced learning and learn with others throughout the course was also ranked “highly” impactful. Particularly, the online learning with the course presenters Dr Nayuta Yoshiyoka, Dr Peter Chen, Dr Huy Tran and Dr TC Tan was highly sought after. Some testimonials from participants are below:

“This course provides an excellent insights of myopia management and prepare practitioners with evidence-based approach to manage our myopic and pre-myopic patients effectively.”
“This course has helped me to further understand myopia management and gave me the confidence to manage my myopia patient better in my practice. It has also been a great pleasure learning from experienced practitioner from different parts of the world that share the same passion in myopia management. Highly recommend.”
“This short course has challenged me to extend my knowledge in the updated myopia control options available. After this short course I believe that I have gained confidence in consulting my patient or even referring my patient to other colleagues in neighbouring countries who were able to do more options than in my country. I would highly recommend Optometry practitioners to applied for this course. Lastly, I have learned a lot in this course & thankful for Dr. Yoshi.”
“This program has been very interesting. A must to undergo if one is planning to build a myopia control clinic or if a practitioner wants to sharper their skills or update themselves on what’s the latest in Myopia.”

The success of the short course was due to its lifelong learning application for myopia management knowledge and skills development and uplift, notwithstanding the multi-disciplinary teams collaboration between the AOC, SOVS and UNSW Medicine & Health Short Course Team.

The AOC, SOVS and UNSW Medicine & Health Short Course Team look forward to delivering the next cohort in July/August 2023 as we help optometry partitioners across Asia and Australia to boost their impact in the workplace through UNSW Medicine & Health short courses.