This event, hosted by the UNSW Health Systems Research Theme and facilitated by Croakey Health Media’s, Dr Melissa Sweet, addressed the pressing issue of health inequity and delved into the role of research in transforming health systems to reduce disparities in healthcare delivery and health outcomes. 

Prof Sallie Pearson, Theme Principal of Health Systems Research Theme, kicked off proceedings by introducing mission and goals of the Theme and achievements over its first year of operation. This was followed by a thought-provoking keynote address delivered by esteemed health policy expert, Prof Stephen Duckett.

In response to Prof Duckett’s keynote, a distinguished panel of UNSW academic leaders shared their expertise on the role health systems research can play in informing policy and practice to improve health outcomes, particularly for the most vulnerable members of society.

Panellists included:

  • Prof Eleanor Beck, Head of School, School of Health Sciences; 

  • Prof Kimberlie Dean, Head of the Discipline of Psychiatry and Mental Health, School of Clinical Medicine;  

  • Prof Geoff Delaney, Professor of Radiation Oncology, South West Sydney Clinical Campus, School of Clinical Medicine; 

  • A/Prof Linda Ferrington, Rural Campus, School of Clinical Medicine; and 

  • A/Prof Joel Rhee, Associate Professor of General Practice, School of Population Health. 

For those who may have missed it, or would like to listen to the discussion again, the recording is now available for you to watch below.