The UNSW Rowing Club has recently placed 3rd in the Rowing NSW Club Point Score for the 2022/23 season. This result highlights the phenomenal growth and transformation of the club over the past few years, with the club placing 14th in the 2018/19 season. To make it even sweeter they were also ranked ahead of elite clubs such as Sydney University and Sydney Rowing Club.  This remarkable feat has not only showcased their prowess on the water but has also highlighted the transformative impact of their ‘Learn to Row’ program, the support received from ARC Sport, and the evolution of the girls' team within the club. 

The inception of the ‘Learn to Row’ program a few years ago was a pivotal moment for the UNSW Rowing Club. Designed to attract new student members, the program has since been a cornerstone of the club's growth strategy. Under the guidance of Coach Chris Byrnes, supported by student volunteers and the University Captain, the eight-week course, held at the start of each academic term, has proven to be an effective gateway for novices to embrace the sport. With a blend of on-water training and land-based rowing machine sessions, participants develop both technical skills and physical fitness. Upon completion, a select group of eight male and eight female rowers enter the Novice Program for a year before joining the Senior Student Squads, ensuring a seamless transition into competitive rowing.

The UNSW Sport Hall of Fame Lunch showcased the remarkable achievements and contributions of exceptional individuals within the UNSW sporting community and around the world. As the event came to an end, a shared sense of pride and anticipation for the future permeated the room, ensuring that the UNSW Sport Hall of Fame Lunch will continue to be a cherished tradition.

It served as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of sport and the importance of honouring those who have made significant contributions to the UNSW sporting community and beyond. As the UNSW community eagerly awaits the next Hall of Fame celebration in 2025, the anticipation is already building for another unforgettable day.