CSE would like to extend a warm welcome to Dr Yuekang Li. Dr Li joins UNSW from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) where he worked in the Continental-NTU cooperate lab as a Research Assistant Professor. He obtained his Ph.D. degree and bachelor’s degree from 2020 and 2016 from NTU respectively.

Yuekang’s research interests lie in various software engineering topics. In particular, he has been focusing on software testing/quality assurance techniques. He is passionate about applying testing techniques to different scenarios and solving some fundamental problems in dynamic program analysis. He has over 20 publications in top venues.

With the techniques he has developed, Yuekang has helped the open-source community and companies to find hundreds of bugs in real-world software, including some widely used products such as Bitbucket. Recently, one of his fuzz testing tools won the first award in the Search-Based Software Testing’23 competition and won a cash award of 11,337 USD from Google.