On 22 October 2012, after three decades of complementary and collaborative research, Professor Henry Brodaty AO and Professor Perminder Sachdev AM officially joined forces to mark a new direction in dementia research, with the launch of the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA)

Eleven years later, newly appointed Chair of UNSW Sydney’s Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing Advisory Committee Ita Buttrose AC OBE paid tribute to the steadfast duo and their collective vision to change the future of age-related brain disorders, specifically Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. 

Chancellor of UNSW Sydney David Gonski AC said the appointment of Ita Buttrose to Chair marked an historic moment for CHeBA.  “I join with CHeBA’s Co-Directors, researchers and staff in welcoming Ita to this important role,” he said.

We are at a tipping point in our population where for the first time there are more older Australians than children under 15.  This is one reason why Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias are a national health priority and makes the work of CHeBA even more important than previously. This work will undoubtedly be assisted by a strong and active advisory committee which is greatly enhanced by Ita’s appointment.

David Gonski AC

Buttrose said that CHeBA has already established itself as a pre-eminent Centre in brain ageing research, and she was pleased to take on the role of Chair to support the vision of CHeBA’s Co-Directors and their research team. 

“With the last decade indicating substantial developments in neuroscience, there is more hope given to the possibility that we may be in a position to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias,” says Buttrose, who will lead an impressive Committee and provide strategic direction to the Centre.

“It is my pleasure to announce the new Advisory Committee members, who bring an extraordinary cross-spectrum of expertise to continue to advance the valuable work of CHeBA.”

The Committee’s members include  Barbara Cail AO - Founding President, Chief Executive Women & Governor of The Smith Family, Joseph D’Agostino - Director, D'Agostino Solicitors, Professor Kimberlie Dean - Head, UNSW Discipline of Psychiatry & Mental Health, John Gray - Senior Partner, Hall and Wilcox, David Greatorex AO, Peter Joseph AM - Chairman, Black Dog Institute and The Ethics Centre, Dr Dagmar Schmidmaier AM - Publishing Specialist, The Book Adviser, Professor Peter Schofield AO - Honorary Professor, UNSW and NeuRA (Neuroscience Research Australia) and Media Executive, Company Director Anita Jacoby AM. 

CHeBA Co-Director Professor Brodaty said he felt privileged to have the support of Ita, at a time in history when advancing research into the ageing brain was fundamental to the future. 

By continuing to investigate strategies to understand the mechanisms underpinning cognitive decline associated with the ageing brain, how to prevent this occurring and how best to help people with dementia and their families, our ultimate goal is for people to achieve their full life span and enjoy a good quality of life unaffected by loss of cognitive abilities. 

Professor Henry Brodaty

Co-Director Professor Sachdev said, "The strength of CHeBA continues to be in its multi-disciplinary approach, as it addresses ageing-related brain diseases through the latest work in epidemiology, clinical research, neuroimaging, genetics and genomics, proteomics and other innovative approaches. It also regards research as an international endeavour and has built consortia to bring the power of collaborative research to bear upon these challenging problems facing our society."

View the newly announced CHeBA Advisory Committee members here.

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