Dr. Choon Jie Wong and Mr. Luning Ma, from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Process Control Group, made significant contributions by disseminating their research findings at the International Conference on the Science of Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium (ICSOBA) 2023 in Dubai. Their presentations on the latest advancements in Power Modulation captured the attention of global industrial delegates, positioning UNSW at the forefront of industry research. Their presentations delved into the innovative techniques and results of the ongoing Power Modulation project, aimed at optimising the efficiency and sustainability of aluminium smelting processes, particularly under variable power conditions. This research is a key driver in the path towards decarbonisation in the primary aluminium production sector.

Beyond their conference presentation, Dr. Choon Jie Wong and Mr. Luning Ma also visited Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) to continue their collaborative work. This visit involved conducting further experiments related to Power Modulation and Individual Anode Current Monitoring projects. Their work at EGA played a critical role in validating their research and refining the associated technologies.

The visit underscored the strong synergy between UNSW's academic research and EGA's industrial application. It highlighted UNSW’s dedication to conducting industry-relevant research and underscored the importance of international partnerships in driving technological innovation in the field.