For the first time, Australia has a national picture of the emerging drugs that pose a health risk to people using them:

In Australia, alerts about emerging drugs are generated at the state and territory level, but these drugs don't respect state and territory boundaries. Making these alerts nationally available is an important step to reducing the harm that emerging drugs pose to the people that use them, wherever they live. compiles alerts issued across Australia’s states and territories, giving consumers, and the people who support them, access to vital information to help keep them safe.

The Know is a project of the Prompt Response Network (PRN), a project to share information about emerging drugs of concern and enable rapid responses to reduce harm associated with them.

The PRN is a collaboration between government departments, clinicians, consumers, harm reduction service providers, academics and other key stakeholders across Australia’s states and territories.

The PRN is led by the National Centre for Clinical Research on Emerging Drugs (NCCRED). It is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care, through the NCCRED Consortium. You can find more information about the PRN on the NCCRED website.