Visiting Guest Speaker

Dr Kimihiro Hino, Ph.D

Associate Professor
Department of Urban Engineering,
The University of Tokyo 


Dr. Kimihiro Hino, PhD, is an associate professor within the Department of Urban Engineering at the Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo. He earned his doctoral degree from the same institution and brings a decade of experience from his tenure at the (national) Building Research Institute. His research now focuses on preventing crime and promoting health through environmental design. He actively advises both local and national government entities in Japan on these critical subjects, contributing significantly to urban well-being.


The first study utilizes data from the Yokohama Walking Point Program, which provided pedometers to over 300,000 individuals. Findings from four longitudinal studies within this program are presented: a poor environment has widened the step count gap among older adults over a three-year period; improved walking routes temporarily encouraged older women to walk; the pandemic prompted people to utilize nearby parks; a new railway project increased step counts of older adults and decreased those of younger women. The second part of the presentation offers a preliminary analysis of another study, involving data from a smartphone app from three million individuals.

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