From field trips to solving mathematical complexities, the future is looking bright for Bachelor of Science graduate Tilly Dall.

With an interest in physics that started at high school, Tilly decided to continue the subject at university. She was also intrigued with the oceanography course offered at UNSW Canberra, which she discovered complemented her physics studies and overall kept her motivated.  

“The mix of physics and oceanography studies has given me a diverse skill set. My analytical ability developed through mathematical complexities and research, coupled with hands-on experiences, positions me well for diverse professional landscapes,” Tilly said.

With the hope to undertake an honours year in 2024, Tilly wants to set herself up to pursue a career in weather forecasting.

“My interest in weather forecasting grew during my time in the Navy, particularly after taking a meteorology physics course in my second year,” she said.

“The complexities of predicting weather patterns intrigued me. It aligns well with my scientific curiosity and analytical mindset, making it a career path I'm keen to pursue.”

A highlight of Tilly’s experience at USNW Canberra was the opportunity to attend diverse field trips that offered practical applications and introduced her to the scenic landscapes of Canberra and the surrounding areas, after moving across the country to study.

“A standout experience was the field school to Batemans Bay with the oceanography course. The trip enabled us to submit reports to the local National Parks organisation, contributing to environmental understanding and preservation,” Tilly said.

“I moved to Canberra from Perth for my studies. Before arriving, I expected a busy and crowded atmosphere like Sydney, but I was pleasantly surprised by how small and inviting Canberra feels. The mix of suburbs with farmlands and mountain ranges is a pleasant an unexpected touch that I appreciate.”

Tilly received unwavering support from lecturers and tutors at UNSW Canberra who helped her overcome challenges and played a pivotal role in shaping her academic journey.

“Navigating university posed challenges, particularly in mastering the mathematical components. This required additional dedication and support-seeking,” she said.

“Embrace challenges as stepping stones to personal and academic growth.

"Seek guidance from professors, cultivate connections with peers, and savour hands-on experiences such as field schools. 

“Networking within the academic community is crucial. Immersing oneself in seminars, connecting with professionals, and building a network can serve as a compass, guiding towards exciting opportunities.”