UNSW Sport commenced the academic year by extending a warm welcome to over 40 of our elite athletes at the Home Ground cafe. Under the guidance of Elite Athlete Program Coordinators, Helen Bryson and Hayley Bullas, the coffee (and cake!) gathering provided a relaxed yet purposeful setting for athletes to connect and exchange insights into their study/sport life balance.

Helen and Hayley kicked off the morning speaking on a range of topics pertinent to the athletes' dual commitments: finding balance between university life and athletic pursuits, leveraging available resources, and strategizing for upcoming events like UniNationals, and even hopefully the 2024 Paris Olympics. It was great to see many student athletes sharing personal experiences and tips over coffee, also figuring out how many grew up in the same areas.  

Dan Kwon from Arc Sport speaking on all things that Arc Sport has to offer.

The presence of James Tirado and Ryan Lee, recipients of the 2023 Vice-Chancellor's Blues awards in athletics and taekwondo respectively, added a touch of prestige to the occasion. Their accomplishments served as tangible reminders of the dedication and excellence prevalent within the UNSW sporting community.

Neil Morris, Director Wellbeing, took the opportunity to commend the athletes for their unwavering dedication and commitment to both academic and athletic pursuits. His words underscored the significance of community and support touching on athletes leaning on athletes to help understand the importance of connecting with one another to understand the ebbs and flows of a University sporting life.

The event, while casual in nature, held profound significance for the athletes. It provided a platform not only to foster a sense of belonging but also to ensure that the unique needs of elite athletes were met with flexibility and understanding. Discussions were practical and insightful, setting a positive tone for the year ahead and hopefully building on an already incredible community of elite athletes at UNSW.

Some of our Elite Athletes donning the UNSW Sport merchandise.