On January 18th, in collaboration with Nura Gili, the UNSW Faculty of Engineering hosted a session for 30 Indigenous high school students, aged 15-17, as part of the Indigenous Youth Leadership Program (IYLP).

The day kicked off with a captivating presentation on Engineering at UNSW, setting the stage for two hands-on engineering experiences.

The first activity challenged students to construct water towers, and was inspired by UNSW's Introduction to Engineering Design and Innovation course (Design1000). This innovative task not only introduced essential engineering principles but also promoted teamwork and imaginative problem-solving.

In the second activity, students visited the Makerspace, where they designed and built their own light boxes and installed their own batteries. This activity was a practical example of real-world engineering applications.

Throughout the day, students were actively engaged and excited. At the conclusion of the event, they were able to keep their light boxes as mementos of their hands-on  experience and to showcase their newly acquired engineering skills.