On Sunday afternoon, amidst the aura of International Women’s Day celebrations, The Moya Dodd Grandstand was officially unveiled at the Village Green, marking a significant moment in the annals of gender equality in sports. The inauguration witnessed the presence of over fifty esteemed guests and VIPs, including Sports Advisory Council members Fiona Pak-Poy and Alex Blackwell, as well as the inaugural Vice-President Societal Impact, Equity and Engagement the Honourable Verity Firth AM, who gathered at the Home Ground Kiosk, overlooking the Village Green.

Director of Wellbeing, Neil Morris, extended a warm welcome to the attendees, setting the tone for an event dedicated to acknowledging the strides made in women’s sports. Emily Thomson, representing Nura Gili student and Indigenous Nationals co-captain, honouring the traditional custodians of the land and their enduring connection to the territory. Associate Professor Nick Apoifis, the Director of Women’s Football at UNSW Football Club, articulated fervently about the advancements witnessed in girls' and women's football, paying homage to trailblazers like Moya Dodd who have consistently advocated for equal rights and opportunities in sports, particularly in football.

Neil Morris, on behalf of Vice Chancellor Professor Attila Brungs, officially declared the inauguration of The Moya Dodd Grandstand, reaffirming UNSW's unwavering commitment to gender equality in sports. He also revealed ongoing initiatives to benchmark and report gender-specific funding in sports, drawing inspiration from Title IX and collaborative efforts with sister universities in the US. Reflecting on this milestone, Morris remarked, "It is fitting that Moya's legacy will oversee the progress of gender equity in our sporting endeavours."

Moya Dodd AO and Mark Wright (Head of Sport & Local Community) officially unveiling the Moya Dodd Grandstand.

Moya Dodd AO, an esteemed alumnus of UNSW Business School, adorned with titles of lawyer, sports administrator, and former vice-captain of Australia’s women’s football team, the Matilda's, expressed gratitude towards her family, friends, and attendees. She emphasized the significance of initiatives like the UNSW Sport Active Women Strategy, which not only fosters increased participation but also addresses multifaceted issues encompassing marketing, media, governance, and leadership in sports. Dodd remarked, "Accessible facilities are paramount for fostering inclusivity in sports, and I am honoured to have my name associated with this project."

As part of the naming ceremony, Dodd lauded UNSW and Arc's commitment to Title IX-style public reporting of sports funding and participation by gender, overseen by the Sports Advisory Council (SAC). Drawing parallels with the transformative impact of Title IX in the US, Dodd envisioned similar advancements in Australia through transparent self-assessment mechanisms. She asserted, "This groundbreaking pledge, alongside UNSW's existing strategies, underscores our collective commitment to fostering an inclusive sporting environment."

Moya Dodd AO, standing next to her plaque at the northern pillar of the grandstand.

The unveiling ceremony culminated with a resounding victory for the UNSW Women’s team, securing a triumphant 5-0 win over the emerging Newcastle Jets in their inaugural season in the NPL. As guests soaked in the celebratory ambiance, it was evident that The Moya Dodd Grandstand stands not just as a physical structure but as a testament to the ongoing pursuit of gender equality in sports. UNSW also continues their commitment to recognize and celebrate women on campus, with several key buildings now named after inspiring women as part of the Celebrating UNSW Women project.

The Moya Dodd Grandstand serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, symbolizing the collective efforts towards creating an inclusive sporting landscape where individuals of all genders can thrive and excel. As the Village Green witnesses’ countless matches and moments, it is envisioned as a sanctuary where friendships blossom, memories are etched, and empowerment through sports transcends barriers.

Moya Dodd AO, with our UNSW Women's team pre-match.