The School of Computer Science and Engineering invited student prize winners and their families to the annual awards night on 3 May 2024, to recognise their outstanding performances from 2023. Many of our generous prize sponsors attended the ceremony to present the prizes in person.

Photos of the event can be viewed here.

Congratulations to all!

The Anita Borg Prize

First place: Sofia de Bellis

Second place: Maliha Mian

The Norman Foo Memorial Best Research Paper Prize

Rahma Mukta

The Ben Rudzyn Memorial Prize

Donren Leung

The Jump Trading Hero of Operating Systems Prize

Lucy Parker

The Citadel Securities Year 2 Computer Science Excellence Prize

Xavier Cooney

The Citadel Securities Year 1 Computer Science Excellence Prize

Michael Siu

The IMC COMP3121/3821 Prize

First place: Derek Xu

Second place: James Sommer

Third place: Kevin Zhou

The Jane Street COMP3141 Prize

First place: Ronan Davis

Second place: Xavier Cooney

Third place: Yasiru Jayasooriya

The Jane Street COMP3161 Prize

First place: Tsun Sau

Second place: Victor Zhang

Third place: Josh Lim

The Amadeus COMP6991 Prize

Jason Codd

The Autumn Compass COMP4128 Prize

First place: Tom Harrison-Brown

Second place: Derek Xu

Third place: Blake Morris

The Optiver COMP3411/COMP9814 Prize

First place: Evan Li

Second place: Xinru Zhang

Third place: Ahmad Prawirosoenoto

The ROKT COMP2041 Prize

Derek Xu

The Jump Trading COMP3231/9201/3891/9283 Prize

First place: Weijie Wang

Second place: Lachlan Hilliar

Third place: Enzo Lee Solano

The Jump Trading COMP3222 Digital Circuits and Systems Prize

Liam Murphy

The Optiver COMP6771 Prize

Adam Chen

The Optiver SENG3011 Group Prize

Eliza Lee, Michael He, Grace Kan, Chloe Toh, Erlina Yang

Most Outstanding CSE Thesis Prize

Lucy Parker

The Arista Networks COMP9242 Prize

Evan Williams

Berrijam Jam Awards for COMP9417

First place: Team We haven't chosen a name but here 
Shuting Luo, Qingchen Tang, Xinwei Lin, Haodong Lin


Second place: Team Dragon5 
Nocedia Shi, Boran Liu, Yi Liu, Xiaoding Ma, Yize Qin  


Third place: Team Data probes 
Ruibin Lee, Yiming Ding, Ruijie Xiong, Pengcheng Lu, Hao Yan

Design the Day of AI Australia's Student Challenge Prize

Finlay Zhao


A huge thank you to all of our sponsors for their continuing support:

  • Amadeus​
  • Arista Australia​
  • Autumn Compass​
  • Citadel Securities​
  • Gernot Heiser and Trudy Weibel​
  • IMC Pacific​
  • Jane Street​
  • Jump Trading Australia​
  • Kerwyn Foo​
  • Optiver​
  • ROKT​
  • Sue Rudzyn and Joe Rudzyn