Leading NSW surveying companies Land Partners, Spatial Data Group (SDG), Lynton Surveys, Land Surveys and CMS Surveyors have recognised the importance of investing in the future of the surveying industry. Their significant philanthropic donation of $300,000, matched by the Faculty of Engineering, has established the new Industry Lecturer of Surveying, (Education Focused) position at UNSW Civil & Environmental Engineering.

We welcome registered surveyor Sandra Hoffman to the newly created position. Sandra, a UNSW alumnus, with a BE in Surveying and Spatial information, has been a Registered Land Surveyor since 2009, and has a depth of industry experience working on projects such as the Sydney Metro, London Cross-Rail, and Landcom Riverstone Scheduled Lands.

“The appointment of Sandra Hoffmann to the Faculty of Engineering is applauded by the profession and the surveying industry,” said Adrian Barden, Director, Land Partners.  “Throughout her career, Sandra has sought to further the profession by volunteering her time to the Surveying Practice and Legislation committee and more recently in teaching at UNSW as a guest lecturer.  Sandra is motivated by the just cause of serving the public interest.”

Addressing the skills shortage of surveyors

SAGE lecturer Dr Craig Roberts was the driving force behind the creation of the new position. “UNSW is the only university producing surveying graduates in the Sydney basin,” he says, “and there is currently a huge shortage of supply. There are also only 40 female Registered Surveyors but we – the university and the industry - are working hard to address this and Sandra’s appointment will certainly further this need.”

Through this donation, these industry leaders aim to give back to the surveying field and play a pivotal role in training the next generation of surveyors. By partnering with UNSW Engineering, they envision creating a lasting impact that strengthens the surveying community and ensures the quality of surveying education and its sustainability for years to come.

At the official signing of the new agreement held at UNSW Engineering on 21 March 2024, Adrian Barden, Director, Land Partners, made the following comments.

“Studies have shown that by 2029 we will be short over 2,000 surveyors and geospatial professionals.  To combat this shortage we need to train more surveyors, streamline the processes leading to registration and career progression, increase mutual recognition so that we have a more mobile and flexible workforce and utilisation of systems and technologies to improve productivity.”

“CMS, LandPartners, Lynton Surveys, Land Surveys, and SDG are pleased to gift this $300,000 to the Faculty of Engineering at UNSW to continue the full-time training that the land surveying profession requires.  Our five companies fully support the teaching of surveying at UNSW.  Ours is a very practical vocation, and one that is best learned while engaged in industry.”

“As industry partners we applaud the work of the School and look forward to continuing our involvement.  For we realise that a reliable system of land administration underpins the economic development of our nation.”

Dean of UNSW Engineering Professor Julien Epps thanked Dr Craig Roberts for his pivotal role in bringing together industry leaders and UNSW Engineering to establish this innovative academic position, the first of its kind within the surveying industry. Craig's efforts in facilitating collaboration and driving this initiative forward were outstanding and key to its success.

“We see this consortium as just the start of an on-going relationship to keep our education relevant and modern but also to involve our industry partners into the world class research undertaken in this school and leverage advances in surveying and geospatial engineering for our mutual benefit. It is an exciting future,” Dr Roberts said.

UNSW Engineering remains committed to pioneering new educational opportunities and setting a precedent for future collaborations between academia and industry.

L-R: Aaron Williams, (Lynton Surveys), Adrian Barden (Director, Land Partners), Prof Richard Stuetz (UNSW Civil & Environmental Engineering CVEN), Roy Lowe (Project Director, Land Partners), Peter Hooker (Director, Lynton Surveys), Prof Julien Epps (UNSW Dean Engineering), Sandra Hoffman, (UNSW Industry Lecturer of Surveying), David Lovell (Director, CMS Surveyors), Paul Linton (GM, East Coast, Land Surveys), Prof Nasser Khalili (UNSW HoS CVEN), Dr Craig Roberts (UNSW CVEN), Adrian Hill (Business Development Manager, Land Surveys), A/Prof Karin Watson (UNSW – Director, Education Excellence).