You can SpeakUp

It cannot be assumed that every student and staff member knows the bounds of acceptable conduct. This is especially the case where established norms may have blurred boundaries.

Zoomed out view of students walking down Scientia Steps and UNSW logo in the background

At UNSW, it's important that students and staff know:

  • Expected behaviours
  • What to do if you see or experience unacceptable behaviour
  • How to report unacceptable behaviour
  • Where to get support

SpeakUp at UNSW ensures students and staff know their voice matters and if they do speak up:

  • the University will listen
  • they will be supported

The Pillars

The SpeakUp Strategy is made up of the following pillars:

  1. Student complaints, conduct and academic integrity
  2. Responsible conduct of research
  3. Wrongdoing
  4. Gendered Violence

Two additional pillars will be focused on in the next stage but receive support from the Conduct and Integrity Office:

  1. Foreign Government Interference; and
  2. Safety

If you would like to know more about the SpeakUp Strategy and work underway, please contact Manager, Prevention and Engagement:

Prevention and awareness training request for one or more of The Pillars