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Records & Archives are part of the Governance area of the University, in the Division of Planning & Assurance.

What we do

Records & Archives provide the framework, expertise, support and tools to enable UNSW staff to manage University records and information assets.

  • We manage and support all University records, in any format, including access to and use of the enterprise recordkeeping system RAMS.
  • We provide consultancy services on recordkeeping including analysis, redesign and implementation of digital recordkeeping solutions.
  • We review and maintain the University’s recordkeeping program, policy and procedures
  • We manage, maintain and provide access to the University’s archival collections
  • We provide advice and support in the development and implementation of all business systems with recordkeeping components
  • We provide a point of contact with the regulator, State Records NSW, external record service providers and maintain the University’s onsite records storage areas
  • We provide advice on, and authorisation for, the disposal of records
  • We provide education, guidance, tools and frameworks to improve governance, enhance adherence to policies and procedures, and ensure that consistent recordkeeping practices are adopted across the University.

Our Service Charter

Our Service Charter provides complete details on who we are, what we do and the standards we aim to meet in delivering our services to you.

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Contact the Records Team on 02 9385 2861 or email records@unsw.edu.au / Contact the Archives Team on 02 9385 2906 or email archives@unsw.edu.au