Working remotely

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You can still access University records remotely using the RAMS desktop client and the RAMS Web Application.

Desktop client

If you're working on a laptop with the RAMS software installed, you will need to log into the UNSW Virtual Private Network (VPN) before you can access the system.

It's also possible to have RAMS installed on non-SOE PCs. Contact UNSW IT (or ICTS Canberra) for support on how to install RAMS on your PC.

Web Application

The RAMS Web Application can be accessed from anywhere using your local internet connection. This version has a different feel to the desktop client but retains much of the same functionality. You can still conduct complex search and have full read-write access to your information.

The web application is not available on mobile devices.

Working with O365 and RAMS

Office 365 applications such as OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams can be helpful tools for collaboration, but they are not suitable for managing University records. In most cases, RAMS is the appropriate System of Record for these records.

The following guides will assist you to capture these records to RAMS:

Need assistance?

Records provides a free consultancy service to help you find the best recordkeeping solution for your situation.

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Contact the Records Team on 02 9385 2861 or email / Contact the Archives Team on 02 9385 2906 or email