The University Archives holds private records of former officers and staff, alumni, of student organisations and other university related organisations and individuals associated with the university. These records complement the information held on official administrative files and document the individual's involvement in the development of the university.

Records date back to the early 1900s and relate to teaching and research or to the role an individual played within the university's administration. In some instances they cover aspects of personal and family life. Individual collections vary in size from single item deposits to several boxes.

For example Sir Robert Webster's records cover aspects of his career as a soldier, farmer, manager, industrialist and University Chancellor. Notable are his war diaries, letters home and photographs from various war zones 1914-18. Sir Robert was the university's Deputy Chancellor from 1960-70 and Chancellor from 1970-75.

Browse through a list of a selection of our holdings of private records. This list is not comprehensive. A listing of private records is currently being compiled by staff of the University Archives and will be added to the existing list as it becomes available. For information on how to access these records, please see the Finding & Accessing Archives page.

The University Archives is also committed to developing its collection of Private Records and would like to hear from you if you have or know of private papers or other records relating to the university that can help us document any part of the story of the university and its community.

  • Sir John Sydney James Clancy
    Chancellor 1960-1970.  Vice President / Deputy Chancellor 1953 - 1960.
    The papers consist of photographs and negatives, newspaper clippings, awards, certificates, publications, and some correspondence documenting key events in Sir John's and also his daughter's, Miss Clancy's, life. c 0.67m

    The Hon. Gordon Jacob Samuels
    Chancellor 1976-1994.  Member UNSW Council 1969-1994.
    Oral history interview and papers and notebooks from Samuels' time as Chancellor concerning Council matters, submissions, inquiries, other university entities and special events. 0.52m

    Sir Robert Joseph Webster
    Deputy Chancellor 1960-1970. Chancellor 1970-1975.
    The papers cover aspects of Webster's family life and his career as soldier, farmer, manager, industrialist and University Chancellor. Notable are his war diaries and photographs from various war zones 1914-1918. c. 4.76m

  • Sir John Philip Baxter
    Director 1953-1954. Vice-Chancellor 1955-1969.
    Oral history interview and papers relating to his time at UNSW, university administration and higher education, his involvement in atomic and nuclear energy matters; and to the Sydney Opera House. 17.8m

    Lindsay Michael Birt
    Vice-Chancellor 1981-1992.
    Oral history interview and papers covering Birt's time at UNSW, as member of the New South Wales Science and Technology Council and Sub-Committees, the joint CSIRO and AVCC Committee and the CSIRO Advisory Council as well as his personal correspondence and experience at other universities. 4.42m

    Sir Rupert Horace Myers
    Foundation Professor of Metallurgy 1952 and Head School of Metallurgy 1952-1964. Dean Faculty of Applied Science 1957-1961. Pro-Vice-Chancellor 1961-1969. Vice-Chancellor 1969-1981.
    Oral history interview, official administrative papers relating to Vice-Chancellorship, addresses and speeches, photographs, news clippings and memorabilia.

    John Rodney Niland
    Alumnus, Professor and Head - Department/ School of Industrial Relations 1974-, Head - School of Economics 1977-, Dean - Faculty of Commerce 1989-1992, Vice-Chancellor 1992-2002.
    In addition to official administrative records relating to Industrial Relations and Vice-Chancellorship we hold oral history interviews, private photographs, correspondence, biographical notes, as well as publications and memorabilia relating to his time as student at UNSW.

  • W. Ross Blunden
    Foundation Professor of Traffic Engineering 1956-1981.
    Oral history interview and papers covering various aspects of his career as engineer, soldier, research scientist, scientific adviser to the military, academic and finally Emeritus Professor. Blunden's appointment as Foundation Professor of Traffic Engineering was the first of its type anywhere in the British Commonwealth. 1.23m

    Richard Charles Leslie Bosworth
    Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry 1957 - 1964.
    The papers include personal correspondence, lecture notes, scientific notebooks, Bosworth's books and articles, memorabilia of Cambridge in the 1930s and early photographs. 1m

    Raymond Alfred Arthur (Ray) Bryant
    Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor 1951 - 1962. Nuffield Professor of Mechanical Engineering 1962 - 1989. Head of School of Mechanical Engineering 1969 - 1978 and 1984 - 1988.
    Lecture notes for courses developed and taught by Professor Bryant in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering with special emphasis on fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, gasdynamics and turbomachines documenting Professor Bryant's research interests. 0.57m

    George William Kenneth (Ken) Cavill
    Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor 1951 - 1982. Head of School of Chemistry 1971.
    Oral history interviews, papers and photographs, which cover his education and appointments, as well as his Centenary Medal. 0.43m

    Kenneth Russell (Ken) Cox
    Professor of Surgery 1970-92, Director WHO Western Pacific Regional Teacher Training Centre for Health Personnel 1976-88 and from 1983- first Head, School of Medical Education
    Oral history interview and papers which consist of teaching materials like course notes, course readings and toolkits as well as copies of research material used in writing teaching materials, lectures and publications. Also included are reprints and draft manuscripts of some of Cox's publications. 1.02m

    John Michael Dwyer
    Professor of Medicine and Clinical Associate Dean, Prince Henry/Prince of Wales Hospitals 1985 - 2005
    The papers cover correspondence and research work, including his role in the founding of the AIDS Society of Asia and the Pacific (ASAP). 5m

    Malcolm Fisher
    Foundation Professor, Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), 1977 - 1987
    Oral history interview and papers, covering both his time at AGSM and early years at the University of Cambridge, which include research papers, lecture notes and correspondence as well as copies of some of Professor Fisher's publications in his field of economics. 1.44m

    Erik Harting
    Senior Lecturer Physics 1961-1989.
    Papers include copies of his published papers and computer art pictures, photographs and his University Medal. 0.06m

    Frederick Cossom Hollows
    Foundation Associate Professor of Ophthalmology 1965 - 1991. Retired as Professor 1992.
    Oral history interview and papers covering Hollows' role as Chairman of the Division (later Department) of Ophthalmology at Prince Henry and Prince of Wales Hospitals, subject files concerning his landmark project and research work in association with bodies such as the National Trachoma and Eye Health Program and the Aboriginal Medical Service, as well as personal papers relating to private and family matters. 14.4m

    Allan Roy Horton
    Deputy University Librarian 1960-1966, University Librarian 1966-1988.
    Oral history interview and papers covering his time as Librarian, as well as his time on the Boards of the Co-op Bookshop and NSW University Press, the Committee of Inquiry into Public Libraries, the LAA Taskforce and other prominent associations. 1.7m

    Antoni Emil Karbowiak
    Professor - School of Electrical Engineering 1964 - 1987.
    The papers cover correspondence, conference papers, research work, reports and news cuttings, mainly from the 1950s to 1990s period. c. 2m

    Leo Emil Koch
    Research/senior lecturer, School of Mining Engineering and Applied Geology / Applied Geology, 1951-1969.
    The papers contain lecture notes, literature reprints, tutorial notes and photographs relevant to the teaching of geology at UNSW, as well as papers on his Tetraktys system of categories. 0.9m

    Peter Kollar
    Associate Professor, School of Architecture, 1957-2000.
    The papers cover his time at UNSW, as well as his personal experiences as a refugee in Europe, a new migrant in Australia, his entry into the Sydney Opera House Competition and his designs as a private architect. c. 3.5m

    Robert John Lawrence
    Foundation Professor of Social Work 1968 - 1991, Head - School of Social Work, 1968 - 1982
    The papers include correspondence, lecture notes, articles, press cuttings, biographical notes, photographs and some personal and family items, mainly from the 1930s to 2000s. There is also a large amount of material relating to social work in Australia from the 1920s to 2000s. c. 35m

    David Paver Mellor
    Professor Inorganic Chemistry 1955-1969, Head - School of Chemistry 1956-1968, Dean - Faculty of Science 1968-1969.
    The papers include correspondence, lecture notes, articles, press cuttings, biographical notes, photographs and some personal and family items, mainly from the 1930s to mid 1970s. 0.4m

    Patrick Reginald McMahon
    Foundation Professor and Head of School of Wool Technology 1951-1977.
    Technical papers, reprints, radio talks, articles, reports and photographs covering the years 1935 to 1977. McMahon was Wool Metrologist for the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research in New Zealand prior to his appointment to the university. 0.34m

    Christopher John (Kit) Milner
    Professor Applied Physics 1952-1976, Head of School of Applied Physics/Physics 1952-1968, Head of School of Applied Physics and Optometry 1968-1976, Dean Faculty of Science 1956-1959.
    Oral history interview and papers which include correspondence, addresses, biographical data, photographs and scientific research papers - including papers relating to electronics, microwaves and radar which predate Milner's time at UNSW. c. 0.78m

    John Philip Morgan
    Professor of Mining Engineering 1960 - 1980, Head of School of Mining Engineering 1963 - 1976.
    Oral history interview and papers which include correspondence, reports, biographical data and research papers, especially relating to the field of non-destructive testing of wire ropes. 0.85m

    Kurt Neubauer
    UNSW Pioneers Group 2001-2004
    Oral history interview and papers and certificates documenting key events in Kurt Neubauer's life, including time spent as prisoner in concentration camps of Nazi Germany, time in post-war Czechoslovakia and subsequently building a new life in Australia. Most documents are in either Czech or German with certified English translation for some documents. 0.06m.

    David Roger Oldroyd
    Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor/Professor in the School of History and Philosophy of Science / School of Science and Technology Studies 1969 - 1995, Head of School of the School of Science and Technology Studies 1992 - 1993.
    The papers include correspondence, notebooks and his research work, particularly relating to his involvement with the International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences (INHIGEO). 4m

    Fritz Henry Reuter
    Associate Professor and Foundation Head of Department of Food Technology 1952-1970.
    Oral history interview and papers relating to the development of courses, teaching and research in food technology. 0.51m

    Irene Reuter
    Foundation member Wives Group 1950-1988, foundation member U Committee.
    Oral history interview, photographs and typed manuscript about childhood and youth in Berlin. 0.02m

    Kenneth Rivett
    Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor, Department / School of Economics 1960 - 1984.
    The papers include lecture notes, committee notes, articles and press cuttings on student issues, covering Dr Rivett's time at both the University of Melbourne and UNSW, as well as papers on the UNSW Committee on Conscience. 1.55m

    Judith Robinson-Valéry
    Foundation Professor of French and Head, school of Western European Languages 1963-1974.
    The papers include study, teaching and research notes as well as personal papers including photographs relating to private and family matters, mainly in English and French. c 8m

    Francis Felix Rundle
    Foundation Professor of Surgery appointed 1959, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine 1960-1973.
    Oral history interview and papers covering most aspects of Rundle's medical career and include research reports, records of honours, photographs and correspondence, memoranda and reports relating to the establishment of the UNSW Medical School throughout the 1960s. 2.2m 

    Robert John (Bob) Walsh
    Professor of Human Genetics 1967 - 1981, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine 1973 - 1981.
    Oral history interview and papers including correspondence, review of the medical curricula, reports and research papers relating to his scientific interests, including his involvement in coronary heart disease research, the National Blood Transfusion Committee, the Jenny Trust Fund, the Australian Advisory Committee on the Environment, NASA space experiments in blood viscosity and as chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Great Barrier Reef, Crown of Thorns Starfish. 1.73m

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