UNSW Archives holds a large number of publications that have been produced by UNSW student organisations, including newsletters, magazines and annual reports.

Most student publications are available for viewing in hard copy format only and can be accessed in the Archives' reading room, including sets of Unity News and Unilogic, Tharunkas, Blitz, Noise, Chimaera and Art Magazine. A small sample of student publications can also be downloaded below.

The Records of UNSW Organisations page also contains lists of some of the student clubs and societies for which the Archives holds material.

Unity News and Unilogic

In the earliest years of the university's history, there were two student journals covering student activities. 

One was Unilogic, the journal of the Society of Students, formed in 1949, which drew its members from the university's degree course students. The first issue of Unilogic was released in 1950.

The other was Unity News, the journal of the longer established Sydney Technical College Union, which covered the Sydney Technical College's diploma students and diplomates. From February 1951, the university conducted on the College's behalf any of its diploma courses that were in the same field as the university's degree courses. 

Once the university began to administer the College's diploma courses, the Society of Students and the Sydney Technical College Union decided to merge their activities and form a single student organisation. After prolonged discussion, the New South Wales University of Technology Students' Union came into being on 8 September 1952. Once Tharunka began to be released in March 1953, both Unilogic and Unity News appear to have ceased publication. One of the Unity News editors, Harold Spies, also became one of the first Tharunka editors.


The first issue of Tharunka was published in March 1953. The journal of the then recently formed Students' Union, the name Tharunka was chosen as an Aboriginal word meaning "message stick". Its first editors were Harold Spies and Sid Dunk. The number of issues released each year has varied widely - in 1953, four issues were published, while for much of the 1960s and 1970s it appeared on a weekly basis during session. 

From 1961 a special Foundation Day issue with a satirical take on a current publication has also been circulated each year as a key part of the day's celebrations. In the early years, money raised through the sale of the special Foundation Day issues went to charitable causes. Controversy has often followed Tharunka, particularly in 1964 and 1970, when its creators were taken to court, charged with publishing an obscene publication. 

From 1993 the Students' Union was re-named the Student Guild. In 2007, following the introduction of Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU), the Student Guild merged with the University Union and the COFA Students' Association to form Arc. Tharunka has continued to be produced under the auspices of Arc.

Issues of Tharunka from 1953 to present are available for viewing and download via UNSW Digital Collections.

Union News Sheet / Blitz

The first issue of the University Union News Sheet was released in August 1970. From session 2, 1988 this publication became known as Blitz. Initially consisting of a single sheet or two of paper, from session 2, 1994 Blitz became a magazine style publication, which included articles and more thorough pieces than the simple "what's on" guide it had been previously. 

The University Union had been established by Council in 1959. All students were compulsory members of the Union and university staff could also join. The Union's aims were "to provide a common meeting ground and social centre for its members, suitable facilities for their refreshment, recreation and convenience and to further the interests of the university and members generally". In 2007, following the introduction of Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU), the University Union merged with the Student Guild and the COFA Students' Association to form Arc. Blitz has continued to be produced under the auspices of Arc.


Noise was a magazine produced by the Arts Faculty Society from 1963 to 1966, under the auspices of the UNSW Students' Union.

The three issues were edited by Richard Neville (1963 - 1964), Tricia Jones (1964 - 1965) and Giles Martin (1965 - 1966), with the covers designed by Martin Sharp (1963 - 1964), Peter Kingston (1964 - 1965) and Giles Martin (1965 - 1966).

Digital issues of Noise are available for viewing and download via the UNSW Library website.


Chimaera was a newspaper produced by the Student Representative Council of Alexander Mackie College. The College's successor bodies, the City Art Institute and the St George Institute of Education, amalgamated with UNSW in 1990.

Art Magazine

Art Magazine was produced by the Student Representative Council of the City Art Institute (CAI). The Institute amalgamated with UNSW in 1990 and became the College of Fine Arts (COFA).

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