About AOM Lab

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The aim of the AOM Lab is to combine fundamental scientific and mechanistic understanding with novel developments in process engineering to provide enduring, innovative solutions.

To achieve this we:

1) Develop a deep understanding of underlying mechanisms at the nano and micro scale that is translated for process optimisation in industry – characterisation to impact

2) Apply next-generation monitoring, sensing and modelling technologies to lend insight into separation process efficiency

3) Examine opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle in the water and biotechnology industries to promote the circular economy – advanced resource recovery


The AOM Lab has extensive collaboration with the water industry in Australia. Some of our partners are:

  • Water Research Australia

  • Sydney Water

  • Melbourne Water

  • Water NSW

  • Hunter Water

  • SA Water

  • Seqwater


Environmental research at UNSW

There's some exciting research going on within the Environmental hub at UNSW Chemical Engineering. We have research covering membranes and their applications in water and wastewater treatment, dissolved air flotation and other air separation processes. We also have a team dedicated to research into capture and storage of carbon dioxide emitted from fossil fuel burning power plants.

Chemistry of cleaning up water

UNSW's Dr Rita Henderson is an emerging leader in water sustainability, both in Australia and internationally. Her world-class program of research – combined with leading advocacy, industry collaboration, organisation of symposia, outreach and influence on the discipline via professional associations – makes her an undoubted leader in water science for the 21st Century.