Remote and embedded devices are the lynchpin of modern networks. Satellites, Aircraft, Remote Sensors and Drones all require numerous embedded devices to function. A key part of ensuring these devices remain ready to carry out operations is to ensure their memory has not been corrupted by an adversary.

In this project we will explore methods for securing remote devices using early generation quantum computers. These have the ability to work with one or two qubits at a time, and operate with very limited quantum memory, but they still provide access to valuable quantum effects which can be used for security.   

The successful student will have an interest in both cyber-security and quantum computing, with a willingness to explore the mathematics needed to exploit quantum algorithms. 


  • $37,684 per annum (indexed), 3.5 years


  • Domestic Candidates only
  • PhD only

How to Apply

Express your interest in this project by emailing Dr Jesse Laeuchli at, and include a copy of your CV and your academic transcript(s). 

School / Research Area

School of Professional Studies, UNSW Canberra