About us

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The Australian Government is investing in health and medical research to support emerging priorities and fill gaps in research efforts through the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) – Accelerated Research Investment.

The Government's aim of this funding is to:

patient outcomes
Increase opportunities
for patients to take part in clinical trials
Increase collaboration
between peak health organisations and researchers.

Jean Hailes for Women's Health was provided with $2.5 million to be administered to research priorities and establishment of the NECST Network under the Research Priority of the NAPE.

National Action Plan for Endometriosis (NAPE)

Recognising the lack of funding for endometriosis research, in 2018, driven by passionate patient advocates and parliamentarians, the NAPE brought together clinicians, researchers and women’s health organisations. This was the first National Action Plan of its kind and is Australia's blueprint to tackle endometriosis.

Research Priorities and Establishment of NECST Network

The aim of this project is to build a national research platform that underpins a comprehensive national program of clinical, basic science and translational research relevant to the needs of women and girls in Australia with endometriosis, consistent with the research objectives in the National Action Plan for Endometriosis.

NECST Network Governance

The NECST Network Strategic Governance and Advisory Committees will ensure the MRFF endometriosis funding is managed and acquitted in accordance with MRFF Funding Principles and with research governance best practice.