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Enter the exciting world of UNSW Sport! Our mission? To harness the vitality of sports, igniting enthusiasm and involvement among students, alumni, and our community. Whether at grassroots levels or within elite high-performance arenas, we're dedicated to ensuring that university sports are accessible and offer avenues for excellence that inspire.

Our sporting legacy

Since the inception of UNSW in 1949, sports have been woven into the fabric of student life. But it was in 1953 that the roar of our sporting culture truly echoed with the establishment of the Sports Association.

The objectives of the Sports Association were set out as follows:

  • To encourage, foster, promote, develop, extend and govern amateur sport within the university.
  • To establish amateur sporting clubs within the university.
  • To co-ordinate, encourage, assist and support the sporting activities of the various constituent clubs and to represent them in sporting competitions, matches and relations both within the university and with other sporting organisations.
  • To provide and maintain grounds, playing fields, materials, equipment and other facilities for amateur sport within the university.

Our journey hasn't been without its challenges, but we've emerged stronger than ever. We proudly boast 30 Olympians who have donned our colours and represented our university on the global stage, inspiring the next generation of sporting stars. At UNSW Sport, excellence is our constant pursuit. We've clinched numerous National Championships and witnessed the rise of 44 Australian representatives, including 3 Silver Medallists.

Collaboration is the heartbeat of our success. We've forged strong alliances with Sydney Swans, NSW Swifts, and many other esteemed partners, enhancing the sporting experience for our students. We're also dedicated to empowering women in sports. Our Active Women Strategy, launched in March 2020, has led to 1608 participants in the SHE CAN programs. We believe in creating equal opportunities for all, forging a brighter future for female athletes.

Alongside our amazing partnerships and initiatives, we have our UNSW Sports Hall of Fame, inaugurated in 2003, celebrating the extraordinary achievements of our students, alumni, and staff. Each year, we add new inductees to our revered list of sporting legends, leaving an everlasting legacy.

UNSW Sport opens doors to world-class environments and service delivery partnerships. With 39 sports clubs and new scholarships, the possibilities are limitless. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a passionate sports enthusiast, UNSW truly has something for everyone.