Dr Amy Dougherty

Dr Amy Dougherty

Adjunct Lecturer/CABA Internship for Women recipient

Field of research:  Coasts, Climate Change, Georadar, Hazards

Biological, Earth & Env Sci

Dr Amy J. Dougherty is a geologist with over 20 years of academic and commercial experience in geochemistry, geochronology, geophysics, geomorphology, geography, and environmental science. Her research focuses on optimizing the combination of geophysical, geochronological and remote sensing techniques to understand climate change, natural hazards, and renewable energy. She has worked across five continents researching in a range of settings and disciplines (e.g. coasts, active volcanoes, earthquake zones, geothermal fields, toxic waste sites, archaeology, engineering, viticulture, and forensics). She holds a Bachelors from Union College, Masters from Boston University, PhD from University of Auckland and as worked as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at University of Wollongong, research assistant with NASA and MIT as well as volunteered for the US National Park Service. She currently an Adjunct Lecture at University of New South Wales, an Honorary Fellow at the University of Wollongong, and Sole Proprietor of GeoInsights Consulting.


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GEOS1211 Earth and Environmental Science (Lecturer)
GEOS3761 Environmental Change (Guest Lecturer)


Level 5 East
E10, Hilmer Building