Dr Albert Palazzo
Adjunct Professor

Dr Albert Palazzo

UNSW Canberra
School Humanities_Soc Scien
  • Books | 2023
    Palazzo A, 2023, Land Warfare: An Introduction for Soldiers, Sailors, Aviators and Defence Civilians, Department of Defence, Canberra
    Books | 2022
    Palazzo A, 2022, Climate Change and National Security Implications for the Military, Army University Press, https://www.armyupress.army.mil/Portals/7/combat-studies-institute/csi-books/Command/ClimateChg-Palazzo%20interactive%20w%20cover%2010Aug2022.pdf
    Books | 2002
    Palazzo A, 2002, Defenders of Australia: The 3rd Australian Division, 1916-1991, 1st, Australian Military History Publications, Loftus, Australia
    Books | 2001
    Palazzo A, 2001, The Australan Army A History of its Organisation 1901-2001, Original, Oxford University Press, Melbourne
    Books | 2001
    Palazzo A, 2001, The History of the Royal Australian Corps of transport 1973-200, 1st, Australian Military History Publications, Loftus, NSW.
    Books | 2000
    Palazzo A; Nicoletti M; Sung S, 2000, Seeking Victory on the Western Front: The British Army & Chemical Warfare in World War 1, Original, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln , Nebraska
  • Book Chapters | 2017
    Smith WH, 2017, 'The Australian Defence Force and Military Ethics', in Frame T; Palazzo A (ed.), Ethics Under Fire: Challenges for the Australian Army, UNSW Press, Sydney, pp. 244 - 263
    Book Chapters | 2000
    Palazzo A, 2000, 'Command, Leadership and Aerospace Power', in Militaire Spectator, edn. Original, Miliaire Spectator, De Hague, pp. 439 - 447
  • Edited Books | 2020
    Westerman W; Floyd N, (ed.), 2020, Clash of the Gods of War: Australian Artillery and the Firepower Lessons of the Great War, Big Sky Publishing
    Edited Books | 2017
    Frame T; Palazzo A, (ed.), 2017, Ethics Under Fire: Challenges for the Australian Army
    Edited Books | 2016
    Frame T; Palazzo A, (ed.), 2016, On Ops: Lessons and Challenges for the Australian Army since East Timor, UNSW Press, Sydney
  • Journal articles | 2000
    Palazzo A, 2000, 'Guild Socialists After Guild Socialism: the Workers` Control Groups and the House of Industry League', Twentieth Century British History, pp. 135 - 155
    Journal articles | 2000
    Palazzo A, 2000, 'Review Article: The First World War', Journal of Contemporary History, pp. 319 - 328
    Journal articles | 2000
    Ramer A; Palazzo A; Sung S, 2000, 'Smoothing Over Summary Information in Data Cube', Journal of Systems Integration, vol. 10, pp. 5 - 22, http://dx.doi.org/10.1023/A:1026503216717
    Journal articles | 1999
    Palazzo A, 1999, 'The British Army`s Counter Battery Staff Office and Control of the Enemy in World War I', Journal of Military History, pp. 55 - 74
  • Reports | 2022
    Palazzo A, 2022, Deciding the Future: The Australian Army and the infantry fighting vehicle, Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Canberra, https://www.aspi.org.au/report/deciding-future
    Creative Written Works | 2004
    Palazzo A, 2004, Failure to Obey: The Australian Army and the First Line Component Deception, Australian Army Journal, Hopkins S; McCullagh C, (ed.), Department of Defence
  • Media | 2023
    Palazzo A, 2023, Balloons Attack, Schwartz Media, Melbourne
    Media | 2022
    Palazzo A, 2022, Why nuclear submarines can't save us, Schwartz Media, Melboune