Ms Amanda Louise Burdett
Associate Lecturer

Ms Amanda Louise Burdett

Bachelor of Exercise Physiology (2010)


Exercise Physiology

Amanda Burdett is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with over 10 years clinical experience working with a broad range of patients, and has co-owned a successful exercise physiology company with 3 practices in Queensland during that time. She is also an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Amanda's research focus is in the area of teaching and assessing clinical performance in exercise physiology. She also has an interest in translating research into clinical exercise physiology practice.

Current projects include development and evaluation of an online objective structured clinical exam for final year exercise physiology students as an alternative to face-to-face assessment during COVID-19, a retrospective analysis of frailty in a stage 5 chronic kidney disease population, investigating the acute effects of isometric and overhead exercise on blood pressure and the IDEAL-EX Project: Ideal Exercise for Cardiometabolic Risk in Older Adults.

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Level 1 Exercise Physiology Teaching Lab



2020 Award for Adaptability & Innovation, School of Medical Sciences - awarded to those who displayed adaptability and innovation in their area of expertise during what was an exceptionally challenging year

2020 Academic Award for Excellence in Education Innovation, Faculty of Medicine Staff Awards

2020 Faculty Education Heroes Award, Faculty of Medicine Staff Awards