Dr Andrew Clarke

Dr Andrew Clarke

PhD (sociology), University of Queensland, 2017

Honours (sociology), University of Queensland, 2011

Bachelor of Arts, University of Queensland, 2010

Arts,Design & Architecture
School of Social Sciences

Andrew is a sociologist with expertise in the areas of urban sociology, social policy, housing studies, and social theory. He researches a variety of topics including housing insecurity and homelessness, social housing provision, urban governance, and the role of charity in contemporary welfare systems. He is currently undertaking projects on the 'slow violence' of evictions processes in the private rental sector and the experience of being on the waiting list for social housing. 

Andrew’s methodological expertise lies in the use of ethnographic and other qualitative methods to investigate social policies and programs and their effects. He has a strong background in social theory and he is passionate about integrating theoretically-informed sociological analysis with applied social policy research. Andrew also has experience in combining ethnographic research with analysis of administrative data in policy and program evaluations.

Andrew is the Australasian editor of Housing Studies and a fellow with the City Futures Research Centre and the Australian Basic Income Lab. Prior to joining UNSW, Andrew held a series of research fellowships at the University of Queensland (2016-2022). Andrew received his PhD in sociology from the University of Queensland in 2017.

+61 2 9065 7041 (School Office)
Level 1 Room 117 Morven Brown Building
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TASA Early Career Researcher Best Paper Prize 2021, awarded for paper ‘Bureaucratic encounters after neoliberalism: examining the supportive turn in social housing governance’, published in the British Journal of Sociology, 2020, 71(2).

TASA Honours Award 2011, awarded for the honours thesis Governing the Dieting Self: Conducting Weight-loss Via the Internet.