Associate Professor Andrew Murphie

Associate Professor Andrew Murphie

Honorary Associate Professor


Arts, Design & Architecture
School of the Arts and Media

Andrew Murphie's work examines the productive nature of process and intensity. He works at the junction of digital and networked media, philosophy and politics—as these are filtered through generative process in media, arts and philosophy, dynamic modeling of all types, and new forms of cooperation in politics/social organization. His current writing is on "the world as medium", affect, and the philosophy of intensity (Deleuze, Whitehead, Haraway, etc) in relation to media and communications (contemporary media and cultural theory), different understandings of thinking and perception, climate change and a critique of performance culture. 

Andrew also works on electronic arts and design (eg cross signal processing), performance in all its senses, ‘speculative pragmatics’ (Massumi/Manning), and extended and dynamicist theories of mind. He has an interest in the contemporary transformation of publishing (from academic publishing to books, music, journalism), both new practices and theory, as well as related events in education and knowledge mobilization and exchange (technics, methods, and new network, information and, e.g.  attentional literacies).

Andrew is the co-author of Culture and Technology, with John Potts. Recent/forthcoming publications include: 'The World as Medium: Whitehead's Media theory', 'Auditland', ‘Making Sense: the transformation of documentary by digital and networked media’, ‘Convolving Signal: Thinking the Performance of Computational Processes’, 'Performance as the Distribution of Life: from Aeschylus to Chekhov to VJing via Deleuze and Guattari', ‘Deleuze, Guattari and Neuroscience’ and, with Lone Bertelsen, 'An Ethics of Everyday Infinities and Powers: Félix Guattari on Affect and the Refrain’ in the Affect Theory Reader.

Andrew works as a CI on an international partnership network grant funded by the Canadian SSHRC (7 years from 2013), run by Erin Manning: Immediations: art, media, event (experimental humanities, philosophy, researcj-creation). He is affiliated with the National Institute for Experimental Arts at UNSW Art and Design in Sydney, and was recently a visiting researcher at the Department of Aesthetics and Communication at Aarhus University in Denmark. From 2007-2011 he was a Chief Investigator (with Dr Anna Munster) on an Australian Research Council Discovery Project: Dynamic Media: innovative social and artistic developments in new media in Australia, Britain, Canada and Scandinavia since 1990. He is also involved in several Learning and Teaching development projects. 

+61 2 9385 5548
311H, Level 3 Robert Webster
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    Murphie A, 2018, 'Media Alive: interaction becoming-god, becoming-world', presented at Affects, Interfaces, Events, Godsbanen, Skovgaardsgade 3-5 Aarhus C, Denmark, 29 August 2018 - 30 August 2018
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Shortlisted 2017 for Higher Degree Research supervision prize in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

My Teaching

Currently teaching ARTS3091 Advanced Media Issues and ARTS3096 Media and Climate Change. Have previously taught Honours, Digital Aesthetics, and many other courses.

  • Received first grant to develop an educational computer lab in the late 1990s at Macquarie University.
  • Recipient of a Learning and Teaching Award in 2005/6 concerning Self-Directed Learning using new media.
  • Recipient of an ITIP UNSW grant in 2008 to develop network literacy platforms.

Currently working on various Media/Network Literacies projects:

  • Active interest in the digital humanities
  • Active interest in personalised learning and in AI and education
  • Developing interest in critique of cognitivist bases for education, fierce critic of learning outcomes as a basis for learning, and promoter of a broadening of thinking about what education is and could be.

Current HDR supervision:

  • Currently supervising PhDs on: VR and storytelling, Games and Education (joint with Brigid Costello)
  • Currently recruiting for PhDs on: Artificial Intelligence and Education (with Kalervo Gulson and Matthew Kearnes), Digital Media and Social Justice (Tanja Dreher and Ramaswami Harindranath are main supervisors)

Recent HDR completions:
I have been fortunate enough to supervise 9 PhDs to completion. I am grateful to have worked with the following people:

  • 2004: Belinda Barnet: Lost in the archive : vision, artefact and loss in the evolution of hypertext
  • 2004: Roger Dawkins (joint supervision with Lisa Trahair): Revealing a structure of immanence : Deleuze and the cinematic sign
  • 2005: Peter Jackson: Human - inhuman / posthuman : an inquiry into the development of the post-humanist human (Macquarie University)
  • 2006: John Scannell: James Brown : apprehending a minor temporality
  • 2011: Bernadette Flynn (joint supervision with Jeffrey Shaw): In search of a body: the somatisation of digital cultural heritage
  • 2015: Ihab Shalbak: The Birth of Think Tanks: History, Theory and Politics in the Long American Century
  • 2015: Baden Pailthorpe: Spatial Operations: Peter Sloterdijk and Contemporary Military Atmospheres
  • 2016: Charlotte Farrell: Barrie Kosky's theatre of post-tragic affects
  • 2016 Laura Lotti: The Value of Technics: An Ontogenetic Approach to Money, Markets, and Networks