Dr Andrew Yip

Dr Andrew Yip

PhD, Art History (USYD), BA, Hons I, Art History and Theory (USYD)

Arts,Design & Architecture
iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research

I research applications for immersive visualisation and experimental digital technologies to the preservation and interpretation of important cultural heritage sites, collections and museums. I'm interested in how we can use new media platforms to create new, embodied sensory experiences that allow us to understand heritage in innovative ways. I'm also interested in the mechanics of immersive design.

My background is in art history and museums, and I work closely with the GLAM sector on digital conservation, exhibition design and interaction design projects. My 2018 exhibition Henry VR at the AGNSW was the Gallery’s first virtual reality and conservation science exhibition, which used VR technologies to not only communicate complicated scientific data to large audiences, but to enable conservators to analyse and interpret cultural material in new ways. Similarly, my 2017 exhibition Sidney Nolan’s Ned Kelly Unmasked: Virtual Reality allowed Heide Museum of Modern Art to communicate the social history of the Heide site and the significance of Nolan’s practice to Australian identity and mythology through the experimental installation.

At UNSW my research practice is based at the iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research, one of the world's leading 3D visualisation laboratories and a focal point for UNSW Art & Design's research strengths in immersive visualisation. At iCinema I am the resident 3D artist, overseeing visual and interactive content for immersive applications. I am also director of the Ultra High Resolution Scanning Lab, which is part of the cross-faculty Design Next initiative. 

0420 906 000
iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research Rm 601, Civil Engineering Building H20 University of New South Wales Kensington 2052
  • Book Chapters | 2021
    Kenderdine S; Yip A; Oliver C; Pather N; Sammut C; Djokic T; Marcus N; Ong A, 2021, 'Designing Multi-disciplinary Interactive Virtual Environments for Next-Generation Immersive Learning Experiences: Case Studies and Future Directions in Astrobiology, Anatomy and Cultural Heritage', in Creative and Collaborative Learning through Immersion, Springer Nature, pp. 49 - 67, http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-72216-6_4

2019 $66,000 Investigator, Australian Synchrotron Beamline, ANTSO, AS191/XFM/1440, Recovering a lost masterpiece by the Italian mannerist painted Agnolo Bronzino

2019 $40,000 Chief Investigator, South Australian Maritime Museum, Windjammers Immersive

2018 $10,000 Chief Investigator, UNSW Art & Design Faculty Research Grant 

2016 $15,000 Chief Investigator, Art Gallery Society of New South Wales Publication Grant

2016 $15,000 Chief Investigator, Power Publications Publication Grant 

2016 $6,000 Investigator, Australian Institute for Art History Publication Support Grant

2015 $200,000 Chief Investigator, UNSW Strategic Education Investment Fund Major Grant

2005 $50,000 Australian Government Endeavour Award


2018 Museums and Galleries Australia National Award, for Sidney Nolan's Ned Kelly Unmasked: Virtual Reality, 2017, exhibited at Heide Museum of Modern Art.

2017 Art Association of Australia and New Zealand Book Prize, for The Legacies of Bernard Smith: essays on Australian art, history and cultural politics (co edited with Jaynie Anderson and Christopher R. Marshall), Sydney: Power Publications, 2016.

2006 Australian Government Endeavour Award.

2006 Visiting Researcher, Bosphorus University, Istanbul. 


My current areas of research and ongoing projects include:

  • Immersive, embodied aesthetics for theatre design and prototyping
  • Historical artefact reconstruction and simulation using advanced 3D imaging and manufacturing
  • Experimental visualisation for archaeology and cultural heritage sites
  • Hypermapping records of WWI using embodied, algorithmic aesthetics
  • Experimental, interactive museum installation design