Dr Andy Kaladelfos

Dr Andy Kaladelfos

Senior Lecturer

PhD: University of Sydney, 2010. 

BA (Hons), First Class: University of Sydney, 2003

Law & Justice
School of Law, Society & Criminology

Dr Andy Kaladelfos (They/Them) is Senior Lecturer in Criminology in School of Law, Society and Criminology University of New South Wales. Andy is the Co-Convenor of the Gendered Violence Research Network, and a Co-Lead of the Community of Practice in Inclusive Research with Queer, Trans, and Intersex People.

Andy's research specialities are sexual and gender-based violence, queer criminology, immigration regulation, and homophobic and transphobic violence. Originally trained in history, Andy's research is interdisciplinary, using methods and approaches from historical studies, legal studies, criminology, psychology, feminist studies and digital humanities to analyse how experiences of and responses to violence change over time, to examine the nature of the criminal justice system, and the shifting relationship between law and society. Andy's research combines quantitative and qualitative methods to explain longitudinal trends in changing legal, political, and social contexts.

Andy is the author of dozens peer-reviewed publications on these topics, has held numerous large-scale national grants including the current ARCDP (2020-2025) ‘Australian Violence: Understanding Victimisation in History’ and ARCDP ‘Responding to Sexual Harm: An Australian Historical Criminology Approach’ (2024-2027). Prior to UNSW, Andy was Senior Research Fellow at the Griffith Criminology Institute, Griffith University (2012-2018) and co-creator of 'The Prosecution Project', a history of the criminal trial in Australia.

Andy is a proud transmasculine, non-binary and queer person. Andy was the first trans person appointed as UNSW Equity, Diversity and Inclusion champion role, the 'Gender Equity' co-champion (2021-23), and has sat on EDI boards at UNSW since 2018, and has been involved many LGBTIQ community organisations over the course of 20 years.

Andy works with system-impacted colleages and students in the UNSW Criminology programme in participatory action initiatives to design better classroom, educational, and social supports for those most acutely impacted by the criminal legal system. Learn more 

Andy is available for honours & masters supervision on any areas relating to their interests, but not currently taking on new PhD students.


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