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Professor Anne O'Brien

BA Adelaide, PhD Sydney

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Anne O’Brien is Professor of History in the School of Humanities and Languages at UNSW.  Her interests in social and cultural history focus on Australia in its transnational context.

She is the author of three monographs, Poverty’s Prison: The Poor in NSW, 1880-1918, God’s Willing Workers: Women and Religion in Australia and Philanthropy and Settler Colonialism. She has written numerous articles and book chapters in the fields of women’s and gender history, religious history and welfare history.

Her current major research project is 'Homelessness and Homeless People: an Australian History', a project undertaken with Dr Heather Holst, Deputy CEO of Launch Housing, for which they were granted an ARC Discovery Project Grant 2018-20. She is currently supervising/co-supervising 3 PhD students and has supervised/co-supervised 15 completed PhDs.

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My Teaching

ARTS2270 Australia 1788-1900: Invasion to White Australia
ARTS1271 A History of the Present: the World Since 1900

ARTS4247 Research Skills in the Humanities

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During Term 1 2019 Anne is normally available for consultation on Monday 12-2
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