Mr Ao Li
Casual Academic

Mr Ao Li

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Ao Li is a PhD Candidate at the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of New South Wales, Australia. He received his Master's degree in 2017 in UNSW. His main research interests are CFD Modelling, Thermal Analysis, and Fluid Machinery. For his PhD study, his main force is on the Li-ion Battery and Fire Safety. He built a framework for the battery thermal management system integrated with CFD and machine learning algorithms to improve the safety and cooling efficiency of the system.

Room 401, Level 4, Ainsworth Building (J17), Sydney NSW 2052 Australia
  • Journal articles | 2022
    Han Y; Wang X; Li A; Elbarghthi AFA; Wen C, 2022, 'Optimum Efficiency of a Steam Ejector for Fire Suppression Based on the Variable Mixing Section Diameter', ENTROPY, vol. 24,