Dr Ashwin Unnikrishnan
Senior Lecturer

Dr Ashwin Unnikrishnan

Medicine & Health
School of Clinical Medicine

I am a biomedical research scientist and Head of the Molecular Mechanisms in Leukaemia laboratory (https://www.unsw.edu.au/medicine-health/our-schools/clinical-medicine/research-impact/research-groups/cancer/molecular-mechanisms-leukaemia-lab) at the Lowy Cancer Research Centre, University of New South Wales.

My lab uses a combination of genomics, epigenomics, molecular biology and stem cell biology techniques to understand the mechanisms driving leukaemia, as well as those underpinning resistance to therapy. Our research interests are strongly geared towards translational medical outcomes.

We are always looking for talented, motivated scientists and students, so please get in touch (Twitter/LinkedIn/email) if you are interested in discussing opportunities in my lab.

+61 2 93858045
Adult Cancer Program, Level 2, Lowy Cancer Research Centre, University of New South Wales
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My Research Supervision

Postdoctoral researchers:

Dr. Govardhan Anande


Higher Degree Students:

Dr. Lachlin Vaughan (Haematologist, PhD Student)

Newton Amaldoss (UNSW Scientia PhD Student)

Onkar Mulay (Masters Student)


Undergraduate Students:

Rohan Barar (Undergraduate Medical Student, Honours)

Beau Jesser (School of Medical Sciences, Honours)

Jungmin Ryu (School of Medical Sciences, Honours)


Research Staff:

Mangalangi Udayakumar

Lizzie Richardson