Dr Astrid Lorange
Senior Lecturer

Dr Astrid Lorange

Arts,Design & Architecture
School of Art & Design

Astrid Lorange is a writer, researcher, editor, and artist. She studied writing and cultural studies at the University of Technology Sydney, where she completed her doctoral thesis on Gertrude Stein and contemporary poetics. How Reading is Written: A Brief Index to Gertrude Stein was published by Wesleyan University Press in December 2014.

Her current research project, Archival Remediations, addresses the question of how reading practices and publics emerge in response to crisis and in the construction of collective understandings of survival and resistance. Situated at the nexus of literature, art, and cultural studies, this project uses methods from critical theory to examine the way that cultural texts (art, literature, media, policy) emerge in relation to disciplinary structures (gender and sexuality; settler-colonialism and the nation-state; law; labour) and how they come to challenge the naturalisation of social and political life. Specifically, the project looks at contemporary documentary poems that remediate state archives in order to reckon with official histories and the socio-discursive practices of statecraft and discipline. 

Another project, a collaboration with Dr Andrew Brooks, interrogates the way that infrastructures of discipline and control – such as laws, fines, contracts, paperwork, prisons, and predictive systems – contribute to the naturalisation of settler colonialism. This project draws on a diverse range of examples found in media, art, and literature to show how such logics of settler-colonialism can be revealed, critiqued, and resisted.  

She is a founding member of the Infrastructural Inequalities research network and a member of the Media Futures Hub at UNSW. 

Astrid is author of several chapbooks of poetry, including Labour and Other Poems (Cordite Books, 2020).  With Andrew Brooks, she is one half of the critical art collective Snack Syndicate. Snack Syndicate's book of essays Homework was published by Discipline in 2021. 

At UNSW Art & Design, Astrid runs the undergraduate/postgraduate courses Writing as Practice (DART3341) and Art Writing and Publishing (SAHT9112), and co-runs Art, Gender and Sexuality (DART3320) with Dr Tim Gregory.