Dr Benjamin Pace

Dr Benjamin Pace


  • PhD, Materials Science and Engineering (2018)
  • BScience (Physics) UNSW (2012)
  • BEngineering Hons (Renewable Energy) UNSW (2012)
School of Materials Science & Engineering

Dr Ben Pace joins us as an Education Focused Lecturer, with a teaching focus primarily in foundational materials science and sustainable materials.

Prior to his appointment, Ben completed a PhD in the school specialising in agricultural fertilisers based on nano-engineered biochar. He brings to the role an undergraduate academic background in both renewable energy engineering (honours) and physics. Both degrees were awarded by UNSW in 2017.

Ben has previously worked in industry as a sustainable design consultant from 2010-2012, and more recently as a postdoctoral research associate within the ACMM at the University of Sydney from 2017-2020. His research focused on the synthesis and microscopy-based characterisation of tantalum thin films for biomedical implants.

During this time Ben also assisted as a project officer with Microscopy Australia, the umbrella organisation for microscopy-based research in Australia, implementing new educational and promotional initiatives. This included coordinating outreach activities for the 19th International Microscopy Congress hosted in Sydney, as well as project managing the expansion and redevelopment of the internationally recognised microscopy educational platform MyScope.

+61 2 9385 4837
Room 347, Hilmer Building, E10 Kensington, New South Wales, 2033 Australia
  • Journal articles | 2015
    YAO C; JOSEPH S; Lianqing LI; PAN G; LIN Y; MUNROE P; PACE B; TAHERYMOOSAVI S; ZWIETEN LV; THOMAS T; NIELSEN S; Jun YE; DONNE S, 2015, 'Developing More Effective Enhanced Biochar Fertilisers for Improvement of Pepper Yield and Quality', Pedosphere, vol. 25, pp. 703 - 712, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S1002-0160(15)30051-5

  • UNSW Student Engagement Grant - $AUD4800 (2020)
  • NHMRC/Sydney University and FEIT Major Equipment Grant Schemes – $AUD45,000 committed (2018)
  • AMME Internal Equipment Grant Scheme – UHV Storage Facility - $AUD30,000 (2018)
  • PRSS (Postgraduate Research Student Support) scheme - $AUD2600 (2015)
  • Industry Awarded Scholarship (doctoral research funding) – Renewed Carbon Pty Ltd $AUD85500 - (2013-2017)

Ben has a pedagogical research agenda in exploring group learning dynamics, the motivational aspects of blended learning, and student/supervisor communication and guidance within major research projects.

He maintains a number of research interests in materials science, spanning the range of thin film deposition technologies, particularly for highly tailored mechanical, biomedical and electrical/energy applications such as photovoltaics. More broadly, Ben maintains a strong interest in the:

  • Characterisation of coating morphology and behaviours, and;
  • Exploration of micro and nanoscale interactions that occur at interfaces between organic and metallic or mineral phases in composite products, biochars, soils and plant matter