Ms Bianca Varney

Ms Bianca Varney

Senior Research Officer

Masters in International Public Health (UNSW)

Bachelors of Science (Advanced), Honours in Immunology (USyd)

Medicine & Health
School of Population Health

I am an emerging pharmacoepidemiologist that specialises in the use of ‘big data’ to understand the use and safety of medicines during critical perinatal periods.

I am supported by the UNSW Scientia Scholar Scheme as an early career researcher at the Medicines Intelligence (MedIntel) Research Program within the School of Population Health. My research uses large-scale administrative health data and sophisticated epidemiological techniques to address gaps in current knowledge in the safe use of opioids. My current research focus is on understanding the risks of prescription opioids in of reproductive age, women who are pregnant and in women who have given birth. My aim is to generate high-quality evidence to inform policy and help women and their doctors make informed decisions about their health.

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  • Conference Papers | 2021
    Varney B; Gilles MB; Havard A; Zoega H; Pearson S-A; Litchfield M, 2021, 'Prescription opioid use in Australian women of reproductive age from 2013 to 2020', in PHARMACOEPIDEMIOLOGY AND DRUG SAFETY, WILEY, pp. 308 - 309,

Covidence Global Scholarship Fund - 2022

University of New South Wales Scientia PhD Scholarship 2020-2024

University of Sydney Honours Scholarship 2012  

University of Sydney Research Summer Scholarship 2011/2012