Mr Boming Zhang

Mr Boming Zhang

Casual Academic
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Dr. Boming Zhang is a passionate researcher and casual lecturer who has practical research experience in the following:

  • Finite Element modelling of composite and non-composite structures (by ANSYS, Abaqus and MSC Marc).  

  • Micromechanics modelling of unidirectional and textile composites.

  • Advanced programming (Python, Matlab, Fortran and C++) and development of user subroutines for FEA software.

  • Implementation of solid mechanics theories in commercial FEA packages and validation by experiments. 

  • Fabrication and laboratory testing of composite materials.  

  • Material characterisation by Digital Image Correlations, along with airbrush painting.

  • Micrography of materials, serial sectioning and postprocessing of tomography images (basic level).

  • Stochastic analysis for material reliability assessments.

Boming’s career goal for the next stage is to expand his fields of interest and broadly integrate his existing & new skills with more practical engineering problems. He is also passionate about providing support & skill-transfers to research students and developing supervision & co-supervision capability. Boming also believes he can use his hybrid expertise in composite materials, mechanics theories, experimental characterisation and numerical modelling to add value and diversity of skillset to his research team.  

University International Postgraduate Award Full Scholarship 2020~2023. 

Dean's award 2019, UNSW Faculty of Engineering.

Dean's honours list 2018, UNSW Faculty of Engineering.

Dean's honours list 2017, UNSW Faculty of Engineering.


Fibre-reinforced composites. Material modelling characterisation. Composite manufacturing and laboratory testing. Free-edge effect. Boeing Onset Theory. Non-classical continuum mechanics. Micropolar (Cosserat) theory. Digital Image Correlation. Optical techniques for material study.