Professor Bruce Pussell
Adjunct Professor

Professor Bruce Pussell

Mb, BS UNSW 1970

PhD Univ London 1982


FRACP 1978

Medicine & Health
School of Clinical Medicine


Graduated MB, BS from UNSW, Sydney in 1970.

Trained in Nephrology at Sydney Hospital, under John Stewart 1973 and Prince Henry Hospital Sydney, under John Charlesworth and Graeme Macdonald 1974-75

Postgraduate training at Hammersmith Hospital London and Royal Postgraduate Medical School, University of London under Keith Peters 1976-1980. Awarded PhD in Immunology 1982, University of London, UK (now Imperial College, London).

Royal Australian College of Physicians: MRACP 1974, FRACP 1978

Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management, UNSW, Sydney 2002


Present Appointments

  • Honorary Consultant, Sydney Olympic Park Vaccination Centre, Sydney Local Health District
  • Adjunct Professor of Medicine, School of Clinical Medicine, University of New South Wales.
  • Retired from Clinical Practice 2018.


Past Appointments:

  • Director of Renal Medicine, Wollongong Hospital, conjoint with Prince Henry Hospital: 1980-1999
  • Senior Staff Specialist, Department of Nephrology, Prince Henry and Prince of Wales Hospital:1980–2015 & 2017-18 (as Locum).
  • Director of Nephrology, Prince of Wales Hospital: 2008 – 2013.
  • Director of Renal Services, South Eastern Sydney and Illawarra Health Service 2007 – 2011.
  • Director of Transplantation, East Coast Renal Transplant Service 2001 – 2013.
  • Chair Division of Medical Specialties for SESIAHS 2000 - 2006).
  • Chairman, Division of Medicine, Prince of Wales Hospital 2004 – 2007.
  • Medical Co-director Programme of Oncology, Emergency and Medicine, Prince of Wales Hospital 2004 – 2007.


ANZSN Service:

  • Designed the ANZSN logo with my wife, Sally Robinson
  • Member, Executive Council, Australian & New Zealand Society of Nephrology 1990-1994
  • Honorary Executive Officer, Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology: 1993-1994.
  • Member of Organising Committee of International Congress of Nephrology, Sydney, 1993-1997, Assistant Secretary and Postgraduate Course Coordinator.
  • Member, Scientific Programme and Education Committee, Australian & New Zealand Society of Nephrology 1993-1994
  • Member, Organising Committees, Annual Scientific Meetings: !993 (Hobart),1994 (Adelaide) & 1995 (Canberra).
  • Member DNT Committee, a peak joint committee of Kidney Health Australia and The Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology: 2002-2007
  • As Hon Exec Officer in 1994 commissioned the MOU with RACP for the Jacquot Foundation following the tragic death of Mrs Jacquot.


Other Nephrology Service

  • Member NSW Transplant Advisory Committee: 2000-2002
  • Co-Chair, Transplant Subcommittee, GMTT Renal Services Group: 2003-2004
  • Deputy Chair, NSW Transplant Advisory Committee: 2003-2004
  • Chair, NSW Transplant Advisory Committee: 2005-2006
  • Member NSW Health Physician’s Taskforce: 2006-2008


University of New South Wales, Sydney, Service

  • Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies, UNSW PH/POW Clinical School: 1994-2004
  • Member, Faculty of Medicine Appointments and Promotions Working Party: 1998-2000
  • Member Higher Degree Committee, Faculty of Medicine: 1998-2004
  • Member, Faculty of Medicine Standing Committee: 2000-2007
  • Supervised/Co-supervised a number of MSc & PhD Postgraduate students.



Over 100 articles in refereed journals as well as 13 book chapters, invited reviews etc.

+61 2 92478060
Clinical School
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