Dr Cameron Ian Allen
Adjunct Lecturer

Dr Cameron Ian Allen

PhD, MPhil, MEM, BSci, BBus

Sch: Civil & Environmental Eng

Dr Cameron Allen is a sustainability scientist and international expert in sustainable development and the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Cameron applies his expertise in systems thinking, scenario planning, integrated assessment modelling and transformation research to demonstrate how the SDGs can be used as a blueprint to guide policy and investment decisions that deliver a more prosperous, equitable and sustainable future. Cameron’s research responds to growing demand from governments, business, and other stakeholders to better understand and navigate an increasingly complex and uncertain future which is being shaped by interrelated shocks and megatrends.

Cameron has close to 20 years professional experience working with research institutions, the United Nations, the Australian Government and international NGOs and organizations. He is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at UNSW, Adjunct Research Fellow at Monash Sustainable Development Institute, and Senior Advisor to the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Cameron supported the intergovernmental negotiations on the SDGs at the UN and worked as a UN advisor on green economy, environmental management and statistics. He also worked as a manager and policy advisor in the Australian Department of Climate Change and Department of Environment, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and the NSW Government.

Cameron’s research and work are interdisciplinary with a focus on practical problem solving and actionable science. His qualifications include a PhD and MPhil in sustainable development, a Master of Environmental Management, and Bachelor degrees in business and science. Cameron has published widely in the fields of sustainable development, environmental science and policy, and sustainability science.


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  • Other | 2019
    Allen C; Metternicht G; Wiedmann T, 2019, We modelled 4 scenarios for Australia’s future. Economic growth alone can’t deliver the goods, https://theconversation.com/we-modelled-4-scenarios-for-australias-future-economic-growth-alone-cant-deliver-the-goods-126823