Dr Catherine Smith

Dr Catherine Smith

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD, Anthropology - Australian National University

Master of International Studies (Peace and Conflict Studies) - University of Queensland

Bachelor of Social Science (Honours in Anthropology) - James Cook University

Medicine & Health
School of Population Health

I’m a medical anthropologist and public health social scientist, with a special interest in health and social equity, the socio-political drivers of health and illness, and the development of institutional trust in healthcare.

I am currently a research fellow in the UNSW School of Population Health, where I am supporting a team-based project researching the uptake of big data in Australian public health, with a particular focus on how big data analytics and the development of government-regulated integrated data infrastructures might influence social and health equity.

In addition I have long-term in-country experience in Indonesia, carrying out critical and applied medical anthropological research. I have also carried out research and consultancy to contribute social scientific perspectives to transnational infectious disease elimination programs (specifically malaria elimination).

I'm an advocate for more socially attuned public health, including through the application of social scientific methods and theory to public health.

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    Smith C, 2018, Resilience and the Localisation of Trauma in Aceh, Indonesia, NUS Press
  • Journal articles | 2023
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    Journal articles | 2022
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    Journal articles | 2020
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I was previously the recipient of an ARC DECRA - Discovery Early Career Award, in addition to an Endeavour Award, and numerous smaller grants.