Dr Charlie Gillon
Research Associate

Dr Charlie Gillon

Arts,Design & Architecture
City Futures Research Centre

Dr Charlie Gillon

Research Associate, City Futures Research Centre, UNSW Sydney
PhD (University of Wollongong), BSci (Adv Hons Class I) (University of Wollongong)

Charlie Gillon is a Research Associate at the City Futures Research Centre. He is a trained human geographer with an empirical focus on housing and urban studies. Much of his research to date focuses on interrogating housing challenges in Australian cities, approaching housing and home via cultural, emotional and material geographies. He was awarded his PhD in human geography from the University of Wollongong in 2018, 'Houses built on sand: Rethinking cultures of homemaking, nature and finance in a coastal master-planned estate', which examined conflicting ideals of owner-occupation through a case study of a new housing development in coastal Sydney.

Charlie is currently working at CFRC on three Australian Research Council funded projects, which collectively focus on the planning, construction and redesign of multi-unit apartment buildings:


+61 2 9348 0799
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