Dr Chi Mak
Honorary Lecturer

Dr Chi Mak

School of Mathematics & Statistics

Associate Lecturer, School of Mathematics and Statistics.

I completed my PhD in 2004 at the University of New South Wales under the supervision of Professor Jie Du on Complex Reflection Groups and their Hecke Algebras. I am interested in Coxeter groups, complex reflection groups and their Hecke algebras.

School of Mathematics and Statistics Anita B. Lawrence Centre, UNSW Sydney Sydney NSW 2052
  • Journal articles | 2008
    Mak CK, 2008, 'A reducibility theorem of G(m, 1, r) and its application to trace functions on Ariki-Koike Algebras', Communications in Algebra, 36, pp. 973 - 991
    Journal articles | 2001
    Mak CK, 2001, 'Quasi-Parabolic subgroups of G(m,1,r)', Journal of Algebra, pp. 471 - 490