Dr Christina Signorelli

Dr Christina Signorelli

Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine (Paediatrics)
UNSW Sydney (2015-2018)  

Masters in Qualitative Health Research 
University of Sydney (2013) 

Combined Bachelors in Science (Psychology) and Arts (Sociology)
University of Sydney (2009-12)

Medicine & Health
School of Clinical Medicine

I am a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Discipline of Paediatrics, School of Clinical Medicine, UNSW Medicine & Health. I have a PhD in Medicine (Paediatrics, UNSW Sydney), a Masters of Qualitative Health Research (University of Sydney), and a combined Bachelor Science (Psychology) and Arts (Sociology, University of Sydney). My research interests focus on understanding the physical and psychosocial impact of being diagnosed with a serious or chronic illness in childhood (such as cancer), and developing evidence-based resources and interventions to alleviate their potentially lifelong burden on the patient and their families.

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Some of my recent grants include:

iBounce: A digital health educational program to improve childhood cancer survivors’ self-efficacy to engage in physical activity. The Kids’ Cancer Project. 2022-2025

Living well after childhood cancer: Better managing the late effects of low-grade glioma. Higher Thinking Fund Cancer via the SPHERE Clinical Academic Groups EMCR Seed Grant. 2021-2022 

Lessening the impact of cancer: improving the quality of life of Australian survivors of childhood cancer. Cancer Institute NSW - Early Career Fellowship. 2021-2023

A new nurse-led intervention to re-engage childhood cancer survivors. Thyne Reid. 2021-2023

A new nurse-led intervention to re-engage childhood brain cancer survivors. Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF). 2020-2023.

Life and health after childhood cancer: a national data linkage cohort study. Cancer Australia. 2020-2023

Impact of treatment on late effects and survivorship on childhood cancer survivors: a population-based data linkage study. The Kids’ Cancer Project. 2019-2020

Some of my recent awards:

Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer, Young Investigator Award (2017, present in the United States, expenses paid)

Australian Federation of Graduate Women Inc. 2017 Barbara Hale Fellow

Sydney Children’s Hospital Network “Quality, Health and Innovation” Award in 2019 for my project "Re-engage"  (also nominated for the NSW Health Awards in the ‘Health Research and Innovation’ category)


Co-chair of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (IPOS) Survivorship Special Interest Group Committee  
Member of the Multinational Association for Supportive Care in Cancer, Survivorship Study Group 
Member of the IPOS Pediatric Special Interest Group Committee  
Member of the International Psycho-Oncology Society Clinical Guidelines Committee
Member of the Long Term Follow-up ANZCHOG Survivorship Subcommittee  
Core member of the Human Research Ethics Committee, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network

My Research Supervision

ILP students - 2022 and 2023

PhD candidates - 2022-2024