Casual Academic

Miss Christine Sun

Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Journal articles | 2022
    Sun J; Garg S; Xie J; Zhang C; Waite TD, 2022, 'Electrochemical Reduction of Nitrate with Simultaneous Ammonia Recovery Using a Flow Cathode Reactor', Environmental Science & Technology,
    Journal articles | 2021
    Zhang C; Ma J; Wu L; Sun J; Wang L; Li T; Waite TD, 2021, 'Flow Electrode Capacitive Deionization (FCDI): Recent Developments, Environmental Applications, and Future Perspectives', Environmental Science and Technology, vol. 55, pp. 4243 - 4267,
    Journal articles | 2021
    Zhang C; Wang M; Xiao W; Ma J; Sun J; Mo H; Waite TD, 2021, 'Phosphate selective recovery by magnetic iron oxide impregnated carbon flow-electrode capacitive deionization (FCDI)', Water Research, vol. 189, pp. 116653,
    Journal articles | 2020
    Zhang C; Wu L; Ma J; Wang M; Sun J; Waite TD, 2020, 'Evaluation of long-term performance of a continuously operated flow-electrode CDI system for salt removal from brackish waters', Water Research, vol. 173, pp. 115580 - 115580,