Associate Professor Cristan Herbert

Associate Professor Cristan Herbert

Associate Professor

PhD in Pathology, University of New South Wales


BMedChem (Hons), University of Wollongong

Medicine & Health
School of Biomedical Sciences

I am an Education Focussed academic in the School of Biomedical Sciences (SBMS), within the Faculty of Medicine & Health at UNSW Sydney (Australia). I teach Pathology in courses offered to undergraduates in the Science, Medical Science, Exercise Physiology and Medicine degree programs. I am also the convenor of courses including the introductory Pathology course Processes in Disease (PATH2201), and Cancer Pathology (PATH3206). I am also the Head of Teaching in the Department of Pathology (Medical Science) teach Pathology.

My current research focusses on the use of novel digital technologies to enhance student engagement, motivation and success. I am also involved in ongoing research to identify mechanisms that promote inflammation in lung disease including COPD and sarcoidosis. Additionally, I am interested in the identification of biomarkers which may have potential for diagnosis and/or monitoring the progression of chronic inflammatory diseases.

+61 2 9385 8679
Room 417, level 4 east Wallace Wurth Building

2024: Tedla N, Herbert C. et al. Development of novel treatment options for post-sepsis acute lung injury (ALI). NHMRC Australia.

2018: Herbert C, Thomas PS. Evaluating microRNA expression by nasal epithelial cells to predict outcomes of patients with COPD. SPHERE. $30,000

2014: Foster PS, …, Herbert C. Airway epithelial injury and the innate lymphoid cell response in the pathogenesis of allergic asthma. NHMRC Australia. $587,550

2009: Herbert C. Th17 cell cytokines in airway wall remodelling in chronic asthma NHMRC Australia. $284,240

2023 - UNSW Award for Teaching Excellence, UNSW Sydney

2018 - UNSW Award for Teaching Excellence (Design/Development of Programs), UNSW Sydney

2017 - Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning Award, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW

2015 - New Teacher of the Year; School of Medical Sciences, UNSW

Mechanisms and treatment of inflammation in acute and chronic diseases affecting the lung

Novel biomarkers for monitoring of Sarcoidosis

Evaluating the impact of immersive online environments on the student experience in undergraduate medical science

My Research Supervision

Manisha Hari Rajan (PhD Student): Immersive online learning environments to enhance student engagement and performance

Prakruti Sirigeri (PhD Student): Novel therapies for the treatment of acute lung injury

My Teaching

I am the Head of Teaching in Pathology (Medical Sciences) and contribute to undergraduate Pathology Teaching in Science, Medical Science, Exercise Science and Medicine. I am also the

Course convenor PATH2201 (Processes in Disease), PATH3206 (Cancer Pathology)