Danial Khojasteh

Danial Khojasteh

Research Associate (visiting)
UNSW Water Research Laboratory
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Danial Khojasteh is a visiting Research Associate at the Water Research Laboratory. He was awarded a prestigious UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship to undertake his PhD studies at WRL in 2018. The topic of his PhD was “Estuarine hydrodynamics under sea level rise”, aiming to predict the hydrodynamic responses of different types of estuaries to sea level rise (SLR) by simulating a large ensemble of hydrodynamic estuary models.

The findings of this study can be used to determine the potential risks of SLR in estuaries globally, even in those with limited field data and highlight the major implications of SLR in estuaries including (but not limited to): impacts to inundation, overbank flooding, drainage, salinity intrusion, sediment dynamics, water quality and ecology.


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