Professor Daniel Chan

Professor Daniel Chan

PhD 1999, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

BE in Electrical Engineering 1994, UNSW

BA (Hons) in Mathematics 1994, UNSW

School of Mathematics & Statistics


A/Prof. Daniel Chan is an associate professor and Head of the Department of Pure Mathematics.



He works in the area of non-commutative algebraic geometry, an exciting new field where sophisticated techniques from algebraic geometry have been imported to study non-commutative algebras. Much of his work has focussed on studying orders on projective surfaces which can be studied via a non-commutative adaptation of Mori's minimal model program. Other interests include finite dimensional algebras, non-commutative surfaces, moduli spaces in non-commutative algebra, the McKay correspondence and non-commutative rings arising from projective geometry such as the twisted homogeneous co-ordinate ring.

He is part of the Geometry group and the Algebra and Number Theory group.



He is also an associate editor for the Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society. 


9385 7084
School of Mathematics and Statistics University of New South Wales Sydney NSW 2052 The Red Centre Room 4104